Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Purrrfect Hair

I was so thrilled to have to work black Friday at 4 in the morning, and then even more thrilled when they made us wear these hair extensions that our company has on sale. So I decided to try and make the best of it, and it turns out I was actually kind of impressed!
Sultra hair extensions made from 100% Indian Remy hair and dyed in tons of fun colors are now on sale for only $9. I got the cameo pink cheetah and the rich sable cheetah print ones. They do blend in rather well with my faded red.

They also spruced up my rolls! Physchobilly chic!

Not too bad I must say! If only I could have worn them with a fun little outfit and not my clashing work costume. I'm posting some other great ways to incorporate them into a hairstyle...if anyone has used them I would love to see some pics!

Horrorpops....true psychobilly

I love the fringe!



Saturday, November 24, 2012

My New Blog!

Please check out my other Blog Consignment Couture that I finally started! I will be posting all my fabulous vintage finds and outfits! Thanks so much! xoxo Lindsay
So I was nominated for the Liebster Blog award the other day by Hollie at  I am super excited especially since I just started my little blog not too long ago. It is people like her that inspired me to start writing about my life and loves, and her blog in particular is especially entertaining. If you are a lover of vintage lifestyle, she has a fabulous blog about her and her love of the 40's and 50's, especially WWII era.
So here are the rules for the award....

1) Link and follow the blogger who awarded you

2) Blog about the award

3) Give the award to five others (preferably with less than 200 followers)

4) Answer the 11 questions I've asked at the bottom of this post, and then give 11 of your own to the bloggers you've awarded!
So here are the questions that have been asked of me...
1)What is your fail safe technique for perfect vintage hair?
I am asked similar questions every day about my hair and how I do it and if I do it myself. The truth is, is that having vintage inspired locks is very easy. I have a grown out "middy" haircut so it's perfect for rolling and styling. I only wash my hair about 2 times a week which makes it very easy to stay where I put it. Keeping your hair too clean makes it flimsy to work with I find. I think the best tip I have is to throw away your curling irons and pin curl your hair. The curls last so much longer and the style holds better too, creating the perfect foundation for all vintage styles.
2)if you could raid any one's wardrobe,dead or alive, who would it be?
No one famous... a woman named Karen who use to own the best vintage shop I have ever seen. It was called Alley Cats and is no longer around, but walking into her shop, which was secluded in a little alley in the basement of an old bricked building, was like stepping into something reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. I would be lost in there for hours just digging and finding treasures!
3)whats your favourite thing about dressing the way you do?
Everything is tailored and designed to fit. With my hourglass figure, I know I will find something that looks and fits it's best for me. Plus I hate having such a cookie cutter wardrobe that most people have. I do not like blending in by any means!
4)which vintage star do you have the biggest crush on and why?
I grew up loving Elvis. I use to play house when I was a little girl and I was always Elvis! But as I got older I fell for Clark Gable.....oh those eyes.....everything about that man is sexy. Even in the Misfits I found him irresistible
5)what is it about your favourite era that you love the most?
I love bits and pieces about every era, but I think the class of the 40s is what I love most. Just the stature and poise that women had back then is perfect.
6)what are your makeup essentials?
Oh this is hard. I am a makeup artist by profession so I have quite a list of loves! If I had to narrow it down to the essentials I would say that every woman needs a perfect powder. I use Airspun which is cheap and easy to find here in the states and has been around since the 30s. It is translucent but with extra coverage so I can use it to set my foundation or just press it on over moisturizer for a soft and even complexion. You also need mascara that will give you the perfect faux lash look, I use Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara with a primer from Tarte. It's fool proof! Lastly you need your lipstick in a colour that is signature to you. Mine is YSL Rouge Volupte in #18 rouge taboo over NARS lip liner in Amazon. If I am in a hurry I just dab a bit of my lipstick on my cheeks for the perfect matching blush. TADA!
7)If you could have any job what would it be?
Owning my own vintage shop in a 50's trailer and traveling all over selling my items and using it for props for photoshoots and events.
8) what is your most treasured item?
My vintage Dior monogram clutch I found at Alley Cats when I was about 15 or 16. The owner gave it to me for $15.....I cried!
9)what makes you feel the most glamorous?
I feel the most glamorous when I throw my apron on and spend the day in fully done hair and makeup cooking, cleaning, and taking care of little girl :-)
10)favourite films or band?
I have so many favorites! I will say that I am very into Helen Forrest. Her voice is unreal! As far as films, one of my most favorite movies is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Marilyn plays the epitome of the perfect girl in that movie. I loved her role as Lorelei Lee so much, I named my daughter after her character!
11)if you could one piece of advice to someone wanting to build a vintage wardrobe what would it be? Start small. Look for accessories and things you can easily tie into your current style. This way you can evolve into an eclectic soul. You will develop a unique vintage style and feel comfortable about your new wardrobe!
So That may have been a little longer then intended but I had too much fun answering those questions! So I have given the Liebster award to the following bloggers...
And here are my questions.
1.) When did you start collecting vintage pieces and why?
2.) What reactions do you get from others when you are out dressed to the nines?
3.) Who is your favorite designer of the 40's - 60's?
4.) How do you describe your style?
5.) What type of other hobby's do you have?
6.) Do you have a favorite place to shop online or local?
7.) What are your go-to vintage pieces in your wardrobe?
8.) What is your signature lip color?
9.) What pinup or starlet are you most like or you look up to as inspiration?
10.) What is your favorite perfume or fragrance?
11.) What beauty look from the era do you love the most? Hairstyles, moon mani, seamed stockings, etc.
Thank you again so much Hollie! This was quite a treat!
xoxo Lindsay

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fresh Holiday Look

Holiday is all about sparkle and glitz. The way the face looks under icicle lights and by the fireplace. Think fresh, and glowing complexion, with bold lips and subtle eyes. This look was inspired by just that. You can get every product except Airspun powder at Airspun can be found at most drugstores.

For Face I started with the Hourglass No28 primer serum because it is extremely smoothing and hydrating. It will make your skin glow and is perfect for even the most oily and sensitive skin types, but you have to leave it on a bit so it really soaks in. Next I used Kat Von D's new foundation. It is a FULL coverage foundation and is a little difficult to work with normally because it sets on your face very quick. I worked in small sections first painting it on and then buffing it in to get a soft, powdered look. I use my fav concealer from Cover FX under and around my eyes, and then pressed on Airspun powder to set the whole face. For my blush I used YSL blush in berry plum sheen to give me a lightly shimmered flushed look. Lastly, my lips are an Urban Decay lipstick called Gash. You can't buy it at Sephora anymore because I think it's discontinued, but try eBay or Amazon. It is worth it. For a similar color I found Givenchy has a shade called Rouge Cancan I believe.
For Eyes I wanted to keep it very simple. I went to my YSL Chromatics shadows in  06 because they look like metal when applied wet. They come with a little rubbery applicator which is perfect for the wet application. So I used the soft gold shadow all over the lid, in the crease, and under the eye. I went back and swiped a light, dry layer above the crease to soften and blend it. Then I used my Tarte lash primer like I always do, and went over that with Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes mascara. Always shape or shade your brows. ALWAYS! I have bright red hair and I use Urban Decay's 24/7 lip liner in Gash when I want them to match.
TADA! My finished Holiday look topped off with a vintage hounds tooth blazer with black faux fur trim and wide belt. Enjoy!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Red Hair

I have had red hair for years. Bright, ridiculous, fun red hair. Recently this trend has sky rocketed & I have had tons of people ask how I maintain it and keep it healthy. It's always such a long story so I figured I would write a helpful guide.

Step 1: The perfect color. I use L'oreal  Excellence Hi Color in red with a 30 developer found at Please keep in mind I am NOT a professional so I would consult with one before using a developer. I have found that this works great for my thick and heavy hair.

Step 2: Maintaining your red. It does take a few dye jobs to get it super, super bright so be patient. Don't get antsy and try to dye it 3 times in a day because that is just mean to your hair. I try and only wash my hair 2 times a week max. I use sulfate free shampoo only at the roots and rinse in freezing cold water. Use your conditioner on the ends and leave in a few mins, again rinsing in only ice cold water. It is pretty uncomfortable but beauty is pain! In between washes I use a dry shampoo. Brand doesn't really matter much to me.

In between dyes your roots become known and after about 4 washes or so your red will fade. At this point I make a hair mask/protein treatment. I use a combo of red protein filler from Sally's and Manic Panic creme in Pillarbox Red, and living proof hair mask from Sephora I mix the entire container of Manic Panic with a big scoop of the hair mask, and then I mix it all together adding 1/3 bottle of protein filler. Apply this all over roots to ends on DRY hair. I let it on at least 5 hours, normally overnight. In order to make sure you don't get color everywhere i wrap my head in a plastic bag and then put a large beanie over top. This also creates heat which helps the dye do it's job. After you have left it on long enough you rinse in cold water, no shampoo.

 So these are all my dye tips and tricks that keep my hair perfectly bright all the time. As far as styling I try and avoid heat. No blow drying or curling irons unless you use a heat spray. I air dry and set my hair in rollers or pin curls. Enjoy your red!


Beautiful Beginnings

Laundry, dishes, cleaning, & taking care of the baby, a woman's job is never done. Today, however,  I am taking some me time to center myself in the midst of this crazy eastern coast weather and this lovely head cold that has me glued to the tissue box and hand sanitizer. So to pass the time in between my Mucinex regiment, I have been doing some online digging & found a fabulous website that I just have to share! I have been spending hours pinning amazing and inexpensive shoes!